How to improve the quality of your content

We share a few tips on how to make the most of your content

How to improve the quality of your content

Content creation. It’s what drives the world of influencer marketing and what makes every creator unique and authentic. So... how can you as a creator make sure to keep the quality as high as possible? In this article we share some tips and tricks on how to keep your content!

1. Find your personal style
One way to stand out from the others is to find your personal style and stick on to it. Whether it’s a color scheme, video style format or reoccurring topics. It will help you bring out the authenticity and credibility of your content even more. Your followers will notice this as well and in a way can make them feel more related to you and your content. Of course within many niches you will find other similar creators who follow the same tracks and styles. It’s therefore important to stick true to yourself and create content that you trully love.

2. Don’t over filter
Filters can be nice to bring out the contrast and colors of your content, but don’t overdo it. It will become too obvious and less appealing for potential brands to collaborate with you. Most of the time, the filter will bring down the quality of your photo or video. So be careful with you edits. Brands often want to repost the content from the collaboration. However, if the quality of your content is to low, they'll most likely pass on you.

3. Express yourself!
Social platform likes Instagram and TikTok are places to be your true self and a source for your creative outlet. So don’t be afraid to hold back and express yourself. It’ sunderstandable that after some time you get uninspired or fall in some kind of rod. To keep up your content and it's quality, try to experiment with different types of content, poses, messages, backdrops, concepts.. The options are limitless! Perhaps meeting up with other fellow creators can inspire you to take your content to another level. So slide in those dm's, who knows where that can get you.

4. Post frequently and on time
The key to stay on track with your content is sticking to your schedule and posting o ntime. Especially when it comes to collaborations and campaigns it’s very important to meet the deadlines. If you’re late it will come a cross as if you're not taking the partnership seriously, which is something you don’t want of course. Can’t meet the deadline because of unforeseen circumstances? Let the brand now! This shows you’re dedicated to the collaborations and that you’re open to look for a better solution for the both of you.
Posting frequently will increase the reach and impressions of your content. Ofcourse, don’t go to overboard with it by posting every half hour. Just a few times per week is more than enough!

5. Follow the guidelines
This one is easy, but for some reason, creators tend to overlook it. Before you start your creative process, always go back to the campaign briefing and guidelines. What is the message you need to share among your followers ? What are the elements? Tags? Hashtags? Is there something specific that needs to come forward in the content? Once you know the important guidelines, you’re ready to go! And in case you have questions or doubts, don’t be afraid to reach out the brand.

Of course it's important to have your creative freedom, but within a collaboration, brands have specific expectations as well. To avoid delivering content that doesn't meet the expected quality, talk with the brand first! Share your ideas, maybe them some inspiring ones for you too. In case of a content check, you'll most likely don't have to change a lot if you stick to the set up guideliness. This saves both you and the brand time!

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
December 16, 2022