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Top 10 mommy influencers

The mommy influencer community is very unique in the world of influencer marketing. Even within the community there are countless different types of mothers. But what they all have in common is that mom influencers take an active role in creating meaningful conversations about all aspects of motherhood, and they create content that connects with the diversity of their audiences. They feel real, relatable, genuine, and authentic. And are therefore great brand advocates. In this article we share the Top 10 mommy influencers to give you some inspiration for your next influencer marketing campaign!



1. @Liefs_van_roos

Roos shares through her Instagram different parts of her daily mom life. Besides her Instagram, she also posts blog articles on Roos is the mother of two boys. Her feed reads like a diary and is a balance of mommy advice, wholesome family moments and personal updates and tips.

6K Followers | 4% Engagement rate | 4.9 Star rating

2. @Mamasuperdun

Lindsey once started out as a food blogger but over the years her Instagram has changed a lot. With her daily posts she hopes to inspire other women with her fashion tips, recipes, workouts and her family of course! Lindsey aims to make herself as relatable as possible so her followers truly see her for who she is.

9K Followers | 4% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating

3. @Cindydenekamp

Cindy is a busy mom of three. Her warm and colorful feed is full of posts dedicated to her interior, family adventures, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. From sharing healthy tips to live an energetic life to a back-to-school outfit for her kids. Cindy has grown a close community over the past years and with whom she can discuss every part of life with.

15K Followers | 4% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating


Anna has Russian roots and devotes her Instagram to her family life. Beautifully shot images are accompanied with honest and meaningful captions. With her 3 kids all in different ages, she is a big role model for her followers as she shares a lot about her personal experiences on kid-approved fashion, lifestyle, and hotspots. On her blog Anna also writes articles about parenthood.

12K Followers | 3% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating

5. @Kimroza

Kim is the mother of two boys and on her Instagram you will find all different kinds of posts and stories about their adventures. Over the years, Kim has grown a whole community of other young mothers. Through her daily content she inspires them with fun activities for young children, kids fashion, and meals.

10K Followers | 3% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating

6. @Twinmom_chellebell

Ever wondered what life is with twins? Michelle will tell you more on her Instagram. She's the mother of Elise and Esmee and has a passion for photography. Michelle mainly focuses on sharing content about raising her twins, her daily life and how you should take proper care of yourself as a young mother. 

6K Followers | 10% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating

7. @Curlymomm

Curly Kimberly is mom of two young daughters. On her earth toned feed, she posts photos and videos of her life as a mom and her kids. Pictures of the family baking pancakes are followed by an intimate video on how she deals with panic attacks. Kimberly writes about the good and sad parts of life, making her more honest and relatable towards her followers.

12K Followers | 3% Engagement rate

8. @Ouapc

Small business owner Ajla is a busy mom. With 3 kids she’s not only a creator, but also has her own kids clothing line. Her Instagram is her creative outlet. Did you know her husband is a creator as well? Her dark and edgy themed feed is full of family posts, stylish outfits, and lots of reels videos in which she tips her followers on her latest experiences and thoughts.

34K Followers | 4% Engagement rate | 4.0 Star rating

9. @Deviervankim

Kim takes her followers along on her journey as a mother of 4 boys! With the ages of 0 to 4, Kim has her hands full on them. On her Instagram she shares precious and sometimes chaotic moments of herself and the boys. You’ll find product reviews but also funny sketch videos made by Kim on her feed. Her followers get a full look inside the daily life of Kim and are often entertained by her smart and hilarious remarks.

12K Followers | 8% Engagement rate


Blogger and vlogger Sigourney is the proud mom of her son and daughter. Life isn’t always the easiest as a single mother. But through her social channels and she shares all the good moments and challenges she faces with her loyal community. Sigourney aims to help other mothers with a little humor but above everything, being honest. That’s the main reason her followers appreciate her so much. She grew a lot thanks to her reels with her daughter!

61K Followers | 8% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating


So, when it comes to targeting mothers, mommy creators are your best friends. In the end, they understand what moms care about because they care about the same things - and the trust, relationship and credibility they've built with their audience means that their voices carry weight and meaning. And for some mommy their content is their strongest point.

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Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
October 13, 2021