About us

We’re a passionate team on a mission to make the influencer marketing space more predictable, engaging and, meaningful. With our background in marketing, social media, and technology, we know exactly what to run better influencer campaigns.


We’ve raised over 750k in outside capital.


5 talented team members.


Our HQ is located next to Rotterdam cs.

Meet our team of social marketing experts

Dana de KoningDana de Koning

Dana de Koning

Managing Director

Danny StreurDanny Streur

Danny Streur


Layla le BleuLayla le Bleu

Layla le Bleu

Customer Success Manager

Donna StolkDonna Stolk

Donna Stolk

Account Executive

Katherina SleeKatherina Slee

Katherina Slee

Marketing Manager

Diederik ChevalierDiederik Chevalier

Diederik Chevalier


Charlotte KoelemanCharlotte Koeleman

Charlotte Koeleman


Looking to join our team?

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who like to get things done.