Top 10 Interior Creators

Top 10 Interior Creators

Instagram has evolved into a source of inspiration on a variety of levels. There are hundreds of thousands of accounts to inspire you, ranging from food to fashion to art and design. While the number of Instagram users is limitless, navigating the overcrowded network can be difficult. Interior creators, which range from new-age design gurus to industry veterans, foster a new feeling of connection between designers and homeowners, making the entire process more popular. Creators use social media as a creative outlet as well as a critical tool for finding and attracting new clients.

Here are 10 of our favoriteinterior and garden creators. Maybe one of them will be part of your nextcollaboration!


1.     @Styledbymarit
Marit is all about photography, lifestyle, styling, and interior. Her Instagramis filled with beautiful images of her cozy home and garden. She also createsreels to entertain her audience in a creative way and takes them along of coolprojects in the house!
2% Engagement rate | 28K Followers

2.     @Thuisopnummer14
Gertrud calls Drenthe her home in her renovated farm. On her socials she sharesthe beautiful green surroundings and calm interior of her farm. She also has alot of animals that come by on her feed. During the renovation of her home shereally discovered her passion for interior, design, and styling!
3.79% Engagement rate | 5K Followers

3.     @Thuis.bij.lisette
Lisette shares her love for calm and light tones in her interior on herInstagram. Her home is beautifully decorated with wooden and soft touches.Every now and then her family also appears in her content in a very as sheshares parts of her day-to-day life as well.
3% Engagement rate | 6K Followers

4.     @Zusinterieur
Sonja’s home is modern mix of different textures and shades of grey and earthytones, but all in harmony together. Every corner of her lovely home is sharedon her Instagram. With her content she hopes to inspire her followers.


5.     @Styledbysabine
Looking for a hippie creator? Sabine is the one for you! Her colorful home isfilled with plants and beautiful trinkets! She has a passion for findingsecondhand gems and vintage. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on her feed.
2% Engagement rate | 15K Followers


6.     @Donebymyselfblog

Marit’s talents lay in DIY projects! She’s evenInterior and DIY expert for the television program Koffietijd! But on hersocials she shares and inspires her followers with her home do it yourselftricks and tips and snaps of her home of course.

7.     @Veel_woongeluk

Marina lives in a dream house in the forestnear Wageningen. On her blog and Instagram she’s been sharing through the yearhow they’ve been renovating and restyling the home. Through photos of the home,her life, her garden and other creative project she inspires her audience.
2% Engagement Rate | 46K Followers


8.      @Wonen_bij_chantal

Chantal's home has a modern and monochrome look and is filled with artsy details. She loves to inspire her followers with the latest trends and changes in her home. Besides interior, Chantal also loves fashion and share a little bit of lifestyle content too.

9. @Ikkewonen

Wood, white and black. That's what Marike's home describes best! It's been over a few years since they bought their home and turned it into their dream. They mostly did everything themselves and shared it along the way with her followers. Her biggest passion is living and decoration, that's why Marike looks for the latest home living items to fill in her home every day!

10. @Onshaarlemsehuisje

Interior. diy projects and her harden. Nancy loves being a buzy bee in her home in Haarlem. Besides her instagram, Nancy also has a blog where she posts about her love for her home. The style she goes for is colorful Scandinavian with a touch of design. From time to time she also geek a little peek of her daily life and her cat!
 4% Engagement Rate | 14K Followers

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
March 30, 2022