Top 10 Fit Creators

Top 10 Fit Creators

Top 10 Fit Creators

The fitness and health industry has blown up thanks to influencer marketing. Thanks to the influence of creators, society’s views of health and fitness have shifted to include a more holistic vision of overall health and wellness. Essentially, there’s a growing emphasis on feeling good, and this is unrelated to how someone looks. Social media has allowed people to have a platform to spread this feel-good message. And that’s the power of fit creators. Not only do they share their workout plans, they also get deep on a personal level by sharing their cheat days or when they have dinner with their friends for example.Making them more relatable for their audiences.

That's why we’re such a fan of fit creators! Below you can find our top 10 fit creators of the Influentials network.

1. @verahendriks and daphne_hendriks

Meet the twins Daphne and Vera! They share the same DNA and a passion for working out! Both aim to help other girls to be confident and to feel better through a healthy and active lifestyle. Through their socials they inspire and motivate their followers with gym outfits, videos, workouts and much more!

11K Followers | 5% Engagement rate | 5 Star Rating

2. @debssteps

Debbie is all about adventures and staying fit! Climbing mountains, going on long hikes and even wakeboarding are some examples of what Debbies shares on her socials. She’s a true outdoor creator whether the sun shines or not and that is exactly what she motivates her followers to do as well.

10K Followers | 2% Engagement rate 

3. @Blvckjars

The gym is like Jahmall’s second home.  And that’s exactly what he shows on his socials. With his content he hopes to show his passion for sports, especially fitness. He shares a lot about his work out experiences and reviews fitness products but also fashion and lifestyle posts with his followers who can’t get enough of him.

10K Followers | 5% Engagement rate | 4.9 Star rating

4. @jenthe.van.houdt

Jenthe is a true acrobat! She even has multiple Belgian and European titles to her name! Her Instagram feed is completely filled with difficult but beautiful acrobatic movements. Which she shares with her audiences to inspire them.

13K Followers | 4% Engagement rate 

5. @fitlike_nigel

Nigel is a coach, athlete and a true fit creator. He dedicates his Instagram to everything that has to do with workouts, food, bit’s of his daily life to motivate and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle 

13K Followers | 4% Engagement rate 

6. @maartjemariacom

Maartje takes a healthy lifestyle to another level! She’s a trainer, coach, author and runs an all women’s Endurance Club! With her content she helps her followers to have a healthy lifestyle and get everything out of their sports performances! It’s her mission to help women reach their goals and full potential.

14K Followers | 4% Engagement rate


Nannique is all about food, sport and mindset. She shares a lot of healthy recipes on her blog and iInstagram and general tips to live a healthy and happy life. All she wants to do is to inspire her followers to be happy and create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. This results in a fun mix of beautiful food and outdoor sport photos!

9K Followers | 5% Engagement rate

8. @donnanina_

Donna’s wardrobe mainly consists of workout clothing and her feed is full of different colored suits! With a hint of fashion, Donna shares mostly her active lifestyle on her Instagram in which she takes her loyal followers to the gym to show them her workouts and be inspired.

9K Followers | 5% Engagement rate | 5 Star rating

9. @Stefani_getsfit

From couch potato to a fitmom. Stefani has been on a journey to become more fitter herself and shares every part of it on her Instagram and blog. Stegani is a vitality coach and is a good example to a lot of other mothers who share the challenge of finding a balance between motherhood and being fit! 

9K Followers | 3% Engagement rate | 5 Star Rating

10. @cin__d

Cindy is a dancer and bikini fitness athlete. Being active is her biggest passion and that’s what her Instagram feed shows. From snips of her dance scene to gym routines, Cindy inspires others to live their lives to the fullest by staying energetic but also to take good care of themselves and staying humble!

7K Followers | 7% Engagement rate | 5.0 Star rating

Fitness influencers today are still entrepreneurs. They’re building a brand and selling workout plans, nutrition guides, and merchandise. But they’re not just sharing their meal-prep, workouts, or toned bodies to inspire followers. If you’re a new fitness brand coming to the market today, there’s some serious competition to work with the top fitness creators of today. And they come with an equally serious price tag. 

However, one must not forget about the power of micro creators. Even within the fit niche there are hundreds of creators who are thrilled to collaborate with you as a starting brand. Who knows, perhaps one of these creators above can be part of your next collaboration! 

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
December 10, 2021