The power of repetition

The power of repetition

Consistent Influencer Marketing and how it leads to brand recognition.
In the dynamic world of marketing, trends and developments can easily be scrolled past. The attention span of consumers continually appears to shift, but one aspect remains crucial: the power of repetition. The power of repetition is particularly an indispensable element within influencer marketing, contributing to brand recognition, trust, and staying top-of-mind.

Consistency for Recognition
As a brand, you want people to recognize you immediately. For example the Stanley Cup phenomenon. No one needs such a large water bottle, that doesn't fit into any bag, but through their strategic use of social media and influencers, everyone now wants nothing more than to own one. So how can you achieve this kind of reaction to your brand?Consistency is key! It ensures repetition which fosters a sense of trust and loyalty. It also guarantees high visibility which is essential to staying relevant and ahead of the algorithm.

Think of it as word-of-mouth advertising. If you're looking for a new winter coat, and your friends can't stop talking about their fantastic new purchase, are you not more likely to be guided by their review? This is what influencer marketing can bring to your table. They have a far reaching follower base that trust their recommendations and ultimately influences their decision making behavior.

Power of Repetition
So, what exactly is the power of repetition? The power of repetition in influencer marketing lies in reinforcing brand messages and building trust through consistent exposure to the target audience.

Pro tip:
Our tip to you? Take a look at your current strategy and social planning. Ensure that you are not dependent on only two peak moments such as product launches or new campaigns, but be consistently on top-of-mind. Make sure that you have an approachable message to your product or service that can be translated into the daily lives of your target audience. Implement an influencer marketing strategy that will consistently share this message and in turn impact the purchase decisions of your consumers.

And then? Wash, rinse and repeat. There might be small changes here and there, but at your core you remain the same. This is where the power of repetition will really lead to brand recognition, trust and staying on top-of-mind.

Donna Stolk
Donna Stolk
March 7, 2024