The different types of creators

The different types of creators

The different types of creators

It may be difficult to find the right creator for your marketing campaign because there are so many different types of creators that suit every niche. We’re sure you’ve heard the ROI hype and it’s certainly something to be excited about; influencer marketing is regarded as one of the most effective kinds of digital marketing. Making selecting the right creator even more crucial.

In this article we look at 7 different types of creators and deepen more in each of their strengthens and what they can do for your brand.

Organic creators
Don’t underestimate the power of your organic creators. They’re your customers, followers or basically people that are already part of your brand community.

Why you should work with them?
Organic creators are the solution if you want to reach your target customer demographic. Like nano and micro creators they also have a genuine affinity with your brand, they're you number one fans! They also create authentic content for you and work well for cost-effective partnerships. Showing your recognition for them, makes them even more motivated to create content for you and even stimulate sales.

Organic creators are like nano and micro influencers perfect for raising brand awareness. They know your brand and products like no other and are therefore great to share product reviews and how-tos. Consumers are more likely to trust others who experienced your products before. This makes them perfect for referral marketing as well.

Nano creators
Starting with: nano creators. They are creators that have between 1.000 – 8.000 followers. They are most active on Instagram, TikTok and in some cases Facebook, LinkedIn or have a blog.

Why should you work with them?
If your goal is to aim for a high engagement rate or want them to have genuine affinity with your brand then they are the fit for you. Nano creators also work well for cost-effective partnerships.

They are perfect for creating local and nationwide brand awareness. For example if you want to promote your new restaurant or hosting a specific event, these local heroes can put you out on the map. They can also be the right type to promote seasonal product lines.

Nano creators are the right choice if you want to create a ‘oil spot’ where a high number of creators can target a big department of your target audience at a relative low cost.

Micro creators
One level up, we’ve got the micro creators. They have around 8.000 – 80.000 followers and are most active on Instagram.

Why should you work with them?
Like nano creators, micro creators can help you reach a high engagement rate. In general they also have genuine affinity with your brand and work well for cost-effective partnerships. However, they often have highly targeted niche audiences as well, making it easier for you as a brand to reach your niche audience. Barter deals work well for micro as well as nano creators.

Micro creators are perfect to raise awareness for your brand and know well how to present your product or service to their followers through review and product how-tos. Got a niche product you want to launch? Go find your micro influencer who matches that specific niche to target the right audience. You can expect from these types of creators that they fully understand their niche and followers and how to get the right message out there for maximum results.

Rising stars a.k.a macro creators
The rising stars. Creators that are paving their way to the top of the creator pyramid. They are most active on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok where they have a following of 80.000 to 200.000 followers. Rising star creators are often associated with an agent whereas nano and micro creators are more likely to act on their own. From here on, make sure your budget meets their fees in order to propose a fair offer.

Why you should work with them?
Besides raising brand awareness, rising stars can help to boost sales on a bigger scale. By collaborating with them you can also reach new audiences and they are great to build your brand’s social presence. Looking a face to present your brand online? Rising stars are your solution.

They are also perfect to raise national and regional awareness on a bigger scale and can stimulate traffic to your website. If you have a new product that needs to be launched with a bang, rising star creators can help you make that happen.

Mega creators
Mega creators have a follower base above 200.000. Just like the rising stars, they are mostly active on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. They are comparable to rising stars but have reached another level as they have a higher impact on their followers and bigger reach.

Why you should work with them?
If your campaign is focusing on mass-market promotion, mega influencers can help you obtain that. They are able to reach a mainstream, broad audience and create high awareness for you brand. Like rising star creators, they can als ohelp you build your brand’s social presence.

They are a perfect fit to create high brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. You can also fit them in for you product launches and affiliate campaigns. Over the years they’ve build up a great community of loyal followers making it easier to influence and inspire them.

Celebrity creators
Celebrity creators are the top trier creators of the creator pyramid. They have over half a million followers and are mostly active on Instagram and TikTok. Over the years they’ve reach celebrity status through the content they’ve been sharing and the community they’ve build up.

Why you should work with them?
If you want to raise global brand awareness, celebrity creators can help you achieve it. With their celebrity status they can reach your audience on a global scale. Celebrity creators are also helpfull for mass-market productionpromotions thanks to their following base and impact.
With their knowledge and experiences they can also help you construct your brand image and reputation. At last, celebrity endorsements and branding can significantly increase sales. It can cause the value of stocks rise and increase sales by about 4 percent!

Like mega creators they can be of help for your large-scale ad campaigns or being your brand ambassador. Especially for a long-term partnership. Making them a host for your event or patron will take your event to another level.

Key Opinion Leaders
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are creators with a following between 5.000 and 500.000. They are most active on LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. KOL are a whole different kind of creators compared to the ones we discussed so far. They have a strong following with the public outside of social media. Think for example about politicians, presenters, head of companies, etc.

Why you should work with them?
Like any other type of creator we’ve mentioned, they are great for raising brand awareness. But they can also boost your brand credibility! They are specialists within their specific fields, making their content more impactful.

KOL are a perfect fit if you campaign is targeting B2B partners, raising brand awareness or if you are looking to promote an event.

Who am I looking for?
In case your brand is in a niche industry then nano and micro creators are the best fit. They’re supported by loyal communities that are created around specific topics.

Are you aiming to develop industry leadership and create brand awareness? Key opinion leaders are who you’re looking for. You can achieve this by using them through their channels like podcasts, journals, and industry media.

Consider the benefits of using your customers or subscribers as brand ambassadors if you have a sizable customer or subscriber base. Their firsthand knowledge of your products or services makes them the ideal ambassadors for your company!

Your search can begin once you've identified the types of creators you'll need. Want some help with that? Don’t hesitate to contact your customer success manager. We’re always there to help you out. And don’t forget to make use of the filters in our network. You can search through it based on categories, reach, credibility and much more so you can find the right creators you’re looking for!

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
May 2, 2022