How to: Valentine Campaigns

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is already around the corner again. And although it’s a holiday that’s adored by some and loathed by others, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year. For you as a brand it offers many opportunities and chances to take and connect with your target audience.  How you may ask? In this blog we took down a couple ideas on how you can bundle your creativity and influencer marketing to set up your 2021 Valentine’s Day campaign.

In it to win it

Why not drive your engagement by creating a contest for your target audience? Got a new cheeky lipstick range coming out? Or a sparkling eyeshadow palette. Let influencers come up with a beautiful V-Day inspired make up look and ask them to challenge their followers to do the same. By participating in the contest, the followers have a chance to win the new product.

For the Body Shop’s #SendingAKiss contest, influencers started a trend by posting a photo of themselves blowing kisses to a friend. Their followers were asked to do the same thing which resulted in a chain reaction following and pushed the engagement.

Let’s celebrate LOVE

What other way to collect heartwarming user generated content through a love is all around campaign. Encourage influencers to create content with their best friends, partners or family including your product in the name of love and feature them across their socials. The loving content cannot only be used around Valentine’s Day, but when you think of it, actually all year round, ‘cause in the end, love is always around ;)

Take a look at Zinzi! Last year they set up a campaign to treat your loved one. This resulted in beautiful content of friends surprising their best friends. Influencer Britt for example surprised her mother with a beautiful watch.

Or why not think about a campaign for Galentine’s Day to celebrate the love for our best lady-friends, single or no on February 13th?

Taking it in

With most of us spending V-Day in lockdown, we have to find a way to show our significant other how much we care about them. Where we would have gone to a nice romantic restaurant, this year calls for us to bring it in our home. Wether it’s a take-away dinner and dressing up nicely to set the mood or a relaxed movie night on the coach with your lover, this years’ Valentine we got to make the most of it! Why not ask influencers to show how they’ll create the perfect V-Day set up including your product or service?

Is it a going all out outfit or just the complete opposite by keeping it chill in cozy loungewear with their dearest? Let influencers take the wheel and ask their followers how they’re spending the Day of Love.

Treat yourself and others

Before you can love someone, you need to love yourself first. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself too! From a pamper night on your own or treating yourself with a beautiful gift.

Let influencers spread the message that taking care of yourself matters just as much. Tag a long a sweet and loving give away for your target audience to create some extra traffic. In the end, what offer to be a better day to give a little thank you to your customers than on Valentine’s Day.

And remember, Valentine’s Day is not just about lovers and couples. We all love our friends, children, pets and maybe most importantly ourselves! This gives you as a brand so many different creative opportunities to connect with your target audience with a little help of influencers.

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Dana de Koning
Dana de Koning
January 22, 2021