How to make the most of your influencer content

How to make the most of your influencer content

It makes sense to say that after putting much time and effort in setting up and managing effective influencer marketing campaigns you want to get as much out of it as possible.

Influencer content can be boosted with sponsored media to increase the reach and conversions achieved by your influencer efforts. Integrating influencer-generated content (IGC) into your digital advertising strategy will enable you to optimize IGC with better audience targeting and a clear call-to-action, resulting in improved results.

Using paid media to promote influencer content requires a strong omnichannel strategy and the ability to reuse and amplify high-performing IGC for your brand-owned channels. But where to start? In this article we look at 5 steps to make the most of your influencer content.

1. Goals

Be clear about why you want to elevate a piece of content with sponsored media and what you want to achieve before selecting it, whether it's a video, image, or written review. Repurposing influencer content for advertising is advantageous to your company, as it allows you to expand the reach of your IGC and maximize ROI by repurposing content across several platforms. However, it's important to define specific goals for each piece of content you select to market in this manner.

Using strategic audience targeting to achieve more conversions to boost IGC with advertising is an opportunity to acquire more value. It is, however, an additional expense. Make sure that the money you spend on digital advertising will help you achieve your objectives while maintaining a positive return on investment. Whatever your aim is, make sure that the content you choose and the money you spend will help you achieve it.

2. Pick the content and know how to repurpose it

The next step is to decide which pieces of content you'd like to promote with onlineadvertisements. Looking at which specific posts from creators have performedwell is a smart place to start. Is it a video on Instagram that demonstrates how to use your company's cooking supplies? Maybe there's a TikTok of a creator working out in a pair of your brand's sneakers? Has your brand's newest blush been featured in a cosmetic tutorial? The choices are unlimited, but it's up to you to sift through a selection of the best posts to find the most interesting portions that you can use in your marketing approach.

Once you've found your specific content piece, think about how to transform it from a post in a creator's feed to an effective digital ad asset. Maybe you want to make a Facebook video ad out of a TikTok video? Or converting anInstagram photo into a display ad? Consider the format of the video or imageyou'll use in the final ad, as well as any alterations that may be required.You can, for example, use fragments from a lengthier YouTube video to serve asshort adverts on TikTok or Instagram. Or you can create a great carousel ad onFacebook combining a creator’s photographs of them using the product andquotations from their caption.

3. Pick the advertising channel

When it comes to promoting influencer content, you have a variety of digitaladvertising formats to choose from, including display advertisements, socialmedia ads, video commercials, and so much more! You can choose which platform makes the most sense for you to run that ad based on the sort of content and message.

Consider how your audience utilizes different social media platforms and how your ad might fit in. People on TikTok, for example, are seeking for interesting and humorous content, so running an ad that feels too corporate or commercial maynot be as effective. Instead, take use of this opportunity to show how your product can become a fun part of someone's daily routine. Choose Instagram or Pinterest if you want potential costumers discover your products!

4. Targetyour audience

The ability to reach additional people outside the influencer's own followers is one of themost obvious benefits of promoting influencer content with digital advertising. Setting up online ads allows you to target certain groups of your client base strategically, resulting in greater outcomes. Brands can target a bigger number of relevant people with engaging ad content by amplifying influencer content in this way. You can use this method to promote ads that feature content from various influencers in order to appeal to a wide range of demographics within your target client base. Remember that you can test different ad material with different audiences to see what works best for you.

5. Set upinfluencer whitelisting for ads

White listing influencer content is a smart method forgetting even more value from your IGC advertisements. The approach is running ads using influencer content through an influencer's own social media ad account, while the company manages the account in reality. As the content looks to be uploaded from the influencer's account, users are more inclined to interact and connect with the post, resulting in better-performing advertising. Whitelisted ads provide brands with the benefits previously mentioned, such as increased reach, lower content costs, and higher conversions, as well as theadded benefit of using the influencer's account for added authenticity and increased impact from influencer content.

What do you do with the content generated from your influencer marketing campaigns? We’d love to know!