How to engage with creators

Engaging with creators is so important to have succesful campaigns. Here's how to do it..

Engaging with creators

Influencer marketing has revolutionized the market. The majority of brands looking to gain traction on social media have teamed up with a creator who shares their interests, niche and goals.

However, brands must carefully take time and care in finding the right creator. Taking into account their past work, number of followers and level of interaction and community building. To become more confident we share a list of any brand or company should take in when engaging with creators.

  1. Brand alignment

Probably the most important factor is allignment of the influencer brand and your own.Try not to only look at the number of followers and engagement. Instead, try to see if there is a natural fit. Being genuine goes much further than more followers who wouldn’t care for it.

  1. Shared Values

Another important aspect is pointing out shared values. Identifying a likeminded creator will get you an authentic representation of your brand with their community. The shared interests, niche and tone of voice will result in genuigenly engagement.

  1. Trust their experience

No one knows their followers and community better than creators themselves. So trust in them, don’t ask them to read out a script. To get the most out of your collaborations, let the creator do what they know will work best.

  1. Honest objectives

At the start of finding the right creators, you should get your objectives straight. Think about reach, creative skills, niche, brand fit and authenticity. It’s all about the true match. So don’t let followers and reach be the main objectives. They’re part of it, but not the main focus point.

  1. Find creators that use your products

Look for creators who have used your product or service in the past. In this manner, all inquiries into whether or not they are a good fit and align with your beliefs are instantly resolved. Of course, it's the ideal scenario, but if you get the chance, take advantage of it.

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
August 24, 2023