How to become a UGC Creator

Here's how to get started as a UGC Creator on Influentials!

Everything you need to know about becoming a UGC Creator

User Generated Content is taking over the world of influencer marketing. On the platform we now offer UGC campaigns. A lot of influencers in the network have started their UGC business and build up a strong UGC portfolio over time. But where to begin if you’re new to it? In this article we tell you all about becoming a UGC Creator and how to gain access to UGC campaigns.

What is a UGC Creator?

UGC (User-Generated Content) creators are individuals who offer their services for creating content on social media platforms. These creators are known for producing content that looks authentic and similar to content created by everyday social media users.

Unlike influencers, UGC creators do not typically share their branded posts with their own audience, nor are they tagged in promotional posts by brands.

Creating User Generated Content

User generated content is authentic due to it’s relatable touch and not looking too polished like an ad can do. The meaning of user generated content is that the content is created for a specific brand by someone who feels positively connected to the brand. The more authentic and natural the content, the better. UGC will always have an organic feel that can’t be matched by brands, no matter how ‘cool’ they really are. It’s therefore more eye-catching and even engaging.

How to start and build a portfolio

Anyone with a mobile phone or camera can become a UGC creator. However, it’s your creative skills that can distinguish you from the rest.

Uploading and collaborating on Influentials

Your portfolio will be displayed in the carrousel on your profile. So make sure you select the best of the best of your portfolio! This is what brands will look at and base their selection on. So make sure you select the right frame of images (landscape preferred), otherwise your portfolio will look messy and less appealing.

Before your portfolio is uploaded on Team Influentials will check your portfolio manually. To make sure you’ve uploaded the right type of content and have the skills to be a UGC creator.

What to avoid

Try to avoid uploading content that comes across as too personal. Think about casual and personal photo’s of you at a  family dinner, with friends/groups, hauls or long vlog style videos. Also avoid mixing and mentioning more than one brand in the content. UGC is solely dedicated to 1 unique brand.

Secondly, avoid uploading low quality photos and videos. For example bad lightning and heavy filters or shaky videos. Don’t upload screenshots of your Instagram picatures as the fram

What to include

Let your creativity go loose! You’re free to upload any type of content, perhaps you already have some good examples of UGC content that you made for a brand before. Here are a few examples on what type of content you can upload:

  • High quality (clear, sharp images)
  • Creative positions, concepts
  • Review / How to use the product videos


Take a look at the folling example videos on how to get started as a UGC Creator and what kind of videos and photos you can create to build up your portfolio!