Finding relevant influencers

How to find relevant influencers for your brand

How to start looking for relevant influencers for your brand

Finding the the right and relevant influencers is crucial for the success of your influencermarketing campaign. Where do you start this process and how do you reach the right influencers?


The first thing to aknowlegde is who is the target audience you initially want to reach? You have to make sure that your target audience aligns with the followers of the influencer. So in case you’re targetting young mothers, it would make sense to say to start looking for a mommy influencer for a potential collaboration.However, don’t be afraid to look beyond the horizon. If you’ve e

Get your niche sorted out first and start looking from there. Within every niche, there are lot’s of different types of influencers who could be the right fit for you.


Another big factor to determine if an influencer is the right fit for your brand or collaboration is their reach. The reach of an influencers tells us a lot about the impact they can make on their followers. Micro influencers are great for product release and seeding campaigns, whereas a mega influencer can be the face of your brand and help build your brand’s social presence.The bigger the reach, doesn’t always mean they’re a better fit and more relavant to your brand.  It really depends on your own goals, in which stage of the marketing funnel you’re in and budget in order to determine what influencer suits you best at this very moment.

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Creative skills

Another important factor to pay attention to when looking for relevant influencers is of course their content and creative skills. Does it fit your branding? Does their content suit the purpose of your campaign? Are you looking for video content? Check out their reels and TikTok videos to see if they have the skills you seek. Or

Find relevant influencers on Influentials

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