What you should know about getting collaborations with brands

How to get more collaborations as a creator

What you should know about getting collaborations with brands

As a creator, you can find new campaigns every week on our online marketplace. Some are more popular than others, some are super niche. The offers are very diverse! But how do you increase your chances of being picked out? And what do brands take into consideration when they make their selection. In this article you’ll read all about it.

What do brands pay attention to?

This differs a lot per brand and per campaign. To find out what the brand is aiming and looking for, take a closer look at the briefing. For example, when a brand is looking for content to use on their channels and website, it’s your creative skills that matter most rather than your number of followers.
However, if awareness and reach is more important for the brand, your data and statistics are more valuable for a brand. They want to make sure by partnering with you, they’ll reach their target audience with your followers.

When it comes to your data these are the metrics that brands pay most attention to:
- Your engagement rate
This tells us more about how interactive your followers are towards you and your content. If you want to increase this percentage go through your list of followers and remove accounts that look inactive or come across as spam. On average brands look for an engagement of at least 2 – 3% although this can differ per niche.

- Your follower credibility

This percentage tells more about the activity of your followers. Brands are notreally interested in collaborating with creators who have inactive followers. Tohelp increasing this percentage, it also helps removing inactive accounts fromyour followers.

- Where your followers are coming from
Where are (most of) your followers based? This is critical for brands to know they’retargeting their right audience. Also when it comes to event campaigns, brandsare looking for creators from a specific city to invite. They prefer localsover creators who have to come from afar.

- Age and gender split
Some brands may target on a rather young or older age. So for this reason, theylook carefully at your age and that of your followers. Also your gender andthose of your followers can be relevant. This is often the case when a brand wantsto promote a specific product that applies to men or women.

Lastly, brands are looking for matches. Brands look for creators who fit their brand. Whether it’s the niche both creator and brand share, the energy the creator radiates or when the creator shares the same values. A brand wants to collaborate with a creator that reflects their own branding.

Optimizing your collaborations

So how do you optimize your collaborations and higher up your chances of getting chosen?

First of all, check carefully if the campaign and brand fit you. Can you fulfill what’s been expected of you? In other words, can you create authentic and relatable content that meets the expectations of the brands and your followers? The better you prepare, the better the collaboration will flow.

Tip: Before sharing your content, check all the boxes and if you meet the requirements.This will save time for you and the brand to give feedback and improve the content.

Good communication skills will also make the brand appreciate you more! Especially in the beginning when everything needs to be organized. So keep track on messages and emails and respond on time. Otherwise the campaign can get delayed from the start which is unpleasant for the brand and you.

Increase the chance of getting chosen

Showing you’re dedicate to the collaboration and your professional skills will make you more desirable for brands to work with. So be responsive, stick to the deadlines and if you need help, reach out to them on time. The better the experience they have collaborating with you, the higher the chances are for you to get chosen again.

Refrain from applying for campaigns that are not a 100% fit for you. For example, if you don’t have children, don’t apply for a campaign where a brand is looking for mommy creators. The brand is simply not looking for your niche and you’ll most likely be turned down. Be selective in choosing collaborations,the brand will notice you both have the same interest and share the same affinity for a specific niche.

This is a no brainer, but post good quality content! Care about your feed and the overall look of it. It’s the first thing brands look at when they’re starting the selection process. Don’t go overboard with heavy filters or awkward frames. And don’t post to many selfies. Be authentic, unique and yourself! Check out your feed and think for a moment how a brand would look at it. Does it look like a good well thought out mood board or story, representing you and the way you are? If not, you may want to bring some new inspiration to it. Go and get inspired by fellow creators or brand pages to see how you can improve your own personal branding.

Of course every brand is different as is every creator. But that’s the magic of influencer marketing. Together brand and creators can create beautiful things when the true match is really there.

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
October 31, 2022