The key to success: being relatable

The key to success: being relatable

The success of an influencer depends on the connection with their followers. Influencers create a unique bond with their followers through posts, blogs, and vlogs that offer glimpses into their personal lives. Whether sharing their morning chai latte rituals or seeking parenting tips online, their candid sharing fosters a sense of intimacy with their audience. Regardless of the phase they are at in their social media journey, an influencer’s willingness to share the ups and downs of their personal life, creates a sense of trust and connection. This relatability is what makes an influencer feel less like a public figure and more like a trusted friend. Studies have shown that this authenticity is compelling to online audiences, with about 75% of consumers tuning into creator videos. They're drawn to the genuine and meaningful representation of products and brands through these narratives of a daily life.

Influencers, at their core, embody the principle of social proof. This drives individuals to make decisions influenced by the choices of others. We've all found ourselves swayed by a glowing review from a friend, relative, or workbuddy at least once. For 66% of Millennials and Gen Z, shopping on a creator's recommendation equates to getting advice from a best friend.

The bond between an influencer and their followers is strong and loyal, yet it's not entirely unshakeable. It's only logical that an influencer's daily life transforms as they scale new heights of success. The shift from devouring auto-related content to providing a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes hustle at New York Fashion Week is both admirable and inspiring. The secret ingredient that makes this transition seamless is the authenticity of the infleuncer.

In the evolving digital landscape, the traditional pay-to-play approach that brands use with influencers is losing its effectiveness. Audiences have become savvy, recognizing when a influencer’s partnership lacks genuineness. As a brand, it's crucial to align with influencers who genuinely resonate with your values and message. Short-term, transactional partnerships often fall short in delivering the impact you seek. Instead, forging long-lasting relationships proves to be the most beneficial strategy for both parties involved.

A substantial 70% of Gen Z and Millennials tend to delve into a product or brand following interaction with an influencer's content. Influencers are more than advertising spaces, they actively embody your brand's values. Brands often envision their ideal customer profile, complete with hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. The right influencer mirrors the target customers you aspire to attract, while the best influencers are those who are already organically engaged with your brand.

How to stay relatable and authentic as an influencer on Influentials?

  • Be genuine in choosing campaigns that align with your unique niche and style. A mismatch can lead to the brand overlooking your application for their campaign, and your followers may not connect to your content as expected.
  • Embrace authenticity as you strive to inspire your followers. Take a moment to reflect on your feed, what the types of content could elevate it? Look for opportunities to enhance the quality of your content and how to tell a story. What did your followers love? What didn’t resonate so well and why?
  • Stay real! Your followers feel a connection and relate to you for a reason. So keep your followers in the loop of what you’re doing! Stay true to yourself and share your opinion, it really matters to them.

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
February 29, 2024