Reach Your Target Audience Using The Right Data


In a world where social media moves faster than ever and marketers continue to strive to create the most engaging and relevant content, your target audience remains an essential component to success. This applies especially when a brand wants to highlight products or services in a campaign—it simply has to reach the right people.

As a brand wanting to collaborate with creators, how do you make sure their followers align with your target audience? Making the right choice in this regard should be simple and straightforward! Influentials provides this solution. With access to various types of data on the platform, every aspect of your campaign is easy to navigate.After setting up a campaign on Influentials, you’ll begin by selecting your UGC creators or influencers.

UGC creators produce exclusive content for your brand that will not be shared on their personal page, therefore their follower data is not that relevant. When selecting UGC creators, you'll focus more on the quality of their content, their creativity, and whether they're a perfect fit for your brand. For micro-influencers however, data is a crucial part of the selection process.

During this phase, you have access to the influencer's demographics, such as follower count, engagement rate, and average likes per post. You also get insights into their most used hashtags and tags. Apart from this, other audience data is also available to you, such as age and gender distribution of their followers and specific geographic locations. This is essential information to ensure you target the right audience in the right way.

After the influencers post the content, through Influentials, you automatically gain access to a real-time results dashboard. Here, you'll see metrics like impressions, comments, likes, and engagement rate. You'll also see how often the post was saved. With the real-time dashboard, as a brand, you can assess whether you've achieved your set KPIs and evaluate the success of the campaign.

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Donna Stolk
Donna Stolk
May 13, 2024