The newest feature to the Influentials platform. Getting in touch with influencers has never been so easy.

Connections Feature

We're introducing a new feature at Influentials: Connections! We strongly believe any brand and influencer will benefit of using connections in order to build long and sustainable relations and networks.

Previously, it was only possible to get in touch with influencers once a brand had published a campaign. With connections, brands can now reach out and connect with as many influencers at any time!

Why you should use Connections?

Connections is a great way to manage and maintain your influencer network. You will see that its a bit like Linked-In! Think to yourself: what have connections in your closer and wider circles brought you in life so far? Was it a job opportunity? Or maybe a nice collaboration? Honestly, we'd be nothing without our personal network.

The same goes for Connections on Influentials. The bigger your network, the bigger the chances are for you as a brand to run successful influencer marketing campaigns. Especially over a longer period of time, when you've created your own network, it will be so easy to tune in with influencers for a new project. You can simply negotiate with each other and discuss every part of the campaign in detail. Connections also contributes to building trust and being more transparent with one another.

Connections allows you to get to know each other better, due to which starting a collaboration will run smoothly, as both parties know what to expect. Who knows, maybe influencers will come to you unexpectedly with an amazing idea or offer you hadn't thought of before! There are no strings attached after all.

But how do you start a connection you may ask? As a brand, you can start by asking your questions. These questions can be about a campaign proposal, what kind of budgets they have in mind, type of content they prefer to create - literally anything. Influencers may have some questions for you as well! So together you can see what would work well for the both of you. Who knows, you may end up finding the perfect ambassador for your brand.

Find your creator and connect

Go out and explore the network to find the creator you wish to connect with. Use the filter options to make your search more relevant. Once you found your creator all you got to do is click the invite button to connect button on their avatar. It's right next to the button to add them to your favourites. You'll recognise it by the add ( + ) icon.

As soon as the creator accepts your invite, you can find them under the connections tab. From here, you can start a chat in the messenger by clicking the chat icon on their avatar. It will immediately take you to the messenger where you can message each other and discuss partnerships, collaborations and potential campaigns!

So what are you waiting for? Get connecting!

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
June 23, 2022