Influencer Marketing during Holiday Season: And how to optimize it

Influencer Marketing during Holiday Season

Influencer Marketing during Holiday Season

Every year, brands get ready for the holiday season. It can make up 30% ofannual retail sales and is one of the most important shopping times of theyear.

There are many things that shoppers themselves need to planform, whether they are purchasing things during Black Friday sales for a giftexchange or supplies for a Christmas family gathering. Retail sales are expected to expand 3.3% to 1.2 trillion and e-commerce sales will rise 15.5% to235.6 billion in 2022, according to EMarketer.

Despite the usual high rates of spending, it is anticipated that consumers would be deterred this year by inflation and the imminent threat of a recession. Although the worry doesn't mean that consumers won't spend money on gifts for their loved ones, we can expect that they will be more picky about the brands they choose.

Although we may expect that consumers will be more picky about the brands and products they buy, it doesn't mean they won't spend money on gifts for their loved ones. How can you be sure that when they are making choices, they will choose your brand? It will depend on your influencermarketing tactics.


Your campaign's timing is crucial. During the holiday season, there are a lot of events to cover. You should arrive on time for Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas,New Year's Eve, and Resolutions. Follow this schedule to develop an effective holiday campaign that covers all the significant occasions:

Having your plan prepared in advance will help you avoid mistakes and obstacles, whether your goal is to increase brand recognition,drive sales, or accomplish a new objective.

Making a plan in advance can also enable you to maximize your creative potential while achieving your objective. It will assist you indeciding which platforms, content kinds, and CTAs to employ in order to reach your targeted results.

The more time your company has to come up with original concepts, the more probable it is that your material will be deliberate, unhurried, and stand out from the competition.

Creator selection

A greater need for creators emerges as the deadlines to churn out holiday campaign content approach. Establishing collaborations early in the planning phase can help you find creators that are in tune with your brand's message and fit your target market.

The longer you wait, the more probable it is that popular and successful creators will have other commitments or run out of time to post during your preferred windows.

So collaborate with long-term brand ambassadors with whom you have previously partnered if you want to improve your chances of having your collaboration requests accepted swiftly. The likelihood of getting a speedy response will increase and your company will stand out in the sea of collaboration proposals if you already have a relationship with the influencer. Additionally, because you've already collaborated with them, you can trust them to fulfill deadlines and provide content of the highest quality.

Like everyone else, creators have hectic holiday schedules that frequently involve traveling, their main job or taking care of their kids. You need to give them enough time to plan the material, develop it, implement it, and leave time for adjustments.

The quality of the content will improve with more time given to its creation!

Holiday Influencer Marketing Strategies

1. Offer discounts through affiliates.
As we’ve discussed above, the current state of the economy may make it difficult formany consumers to shop for gifts this holiday season. Create cost saving opportunities by launching a creator affiliate campaign. Give your influencer partners unique discount codes to distribute with their audience and pay them commission for the sales they drive.

This way itbenefits everyone concerned. The devoted followers of your creators will beeager to purchase from your business at a reduced price, enabling your brand toincrease sales despite the current economic difficulties. Additionally, your creatorswill make money if they help your brand convert.

2. Host a holiday giveaway
It’s time for gifts! Take advantage of the chance to run an Instagram giveaway with a festive theme. Giveaways are a quick and easy approach to boost engagement and following numbers for your brand.

To promote a sponsored giveaway for their audience, collaborate with 10 creators. Decide on entry requirements, such as following your brand account, leaving a commenton the giveaway post, or sharing it on their Stories.

You may even hold a contest to encourage people to visit your physical stores. Create a surprise package of treats or a collection of product samples that you want to provide to store patrons. After that, ask creators to inform their followers about a giveaway that is only taking place in-stores and include a link to a store locator.

3. Run an allow listing campaign
Who doesn't appreciate a toasty fire or a beautifully adorned home for Christmas? Holiday contentis often eye-catching and extremely engaging.

Repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) across all of your other marketing channels, including your website, organic social media, emails, and more, is something we always advise doing. But putting them in allow listed advertisements is the greatest approach to increase the effect of this holiday content.

To give advertisers access to your creator’s social media accounts, specifically include the phrase "allow listing access" in your conditions. Then observe as the revenue from your holiday advertisements soars.

Important Data:
Halloween – Monday October 3

Black Friday – Friday November 25th
CyberMonday – Monday November 28th

Pakjes Avond – Monday December 5th
Christmas –Sunday December 25th
New Year’s Eve – Saturday December 31st

Need more inspiration or tips on how to construct your holiday campaign? Don’twait too long and schedule a meeting with your customer success manager!

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Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
September 30, 2022