How to pay out influencers easily

Let us take care of the payments while you manage your campaigns!


Paying out creators. Often not the most fun and easy part of the collaboration, but a very important task. We totally understand the hassle it causes and that’s why we introduced the virtual wallet to the Influentials platform. In this article you read more about how to pay out influencers easily on the platform. Let Influentials take care of it while you can plan your next campaign ahead!

Create your campaign

Whilst setting up your campaign on the Influentials platform, we calculate the exact needed amount that needs to be topped up in the wallet. It’s good to know that without a topped up wallet, it’s not possible to publish your campaign.

First things first, before we can guarantee to pay out influencers, your virtual wallet needs to be topped up with the exact needed amount. This includes the transaction fee which can be 15%, 13% or 10% according to your plan.

As soon as you topped up the wallet, you’ll be able to publish your campaign.

No need to hussle

We’ve specifically chosen not to include a negotiation step in the workflow of Influentials. This means that as a brand, you don’t need to negotiate the payments with influencers once the campaign is live.You can assume that every creator who applies for your campaign agrees to the set up assignments, deadlines and rewards! So easy, right?

Automatic payments

You manage your campaign, we’ll take care of the payouts. That’s right, every influencer will be paid out automatically through the platform once they’ve uploaded the content on time and correctly 10 days after the enddate of the campaign has passed. The enddate is a specific date and not to be mistaken by the deadline of the campaign. The enddate can be found on the bottom right of your campaign.

Influencers can also download their invoices in their online enviroment with out any hassle to!


Got some credit left after a campaign? Perhaps you collaborated with less influencers than intended or maybe a partnership didn’t go through after all.. No worries, you credit will be refunded once the whole campaign is completed and all other influencers have been paid out. The credit will be added back to the wallet, so you can use it for your next campaign!

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
June 9, 2023