How to: Spring Campaigns


Spring has sprung and as we’re leaving winter behind us! We’re focussing on new spring-summer collections and all the fun holidays that are coming up! You may wonder how you can anticipate this spring season with influencer marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will inspire you for your upcoming Spring campaign! Whether you’re a clothing brand, an electronics store, or a food supplier, there are many creative opportunities out there to respond to this season in order to reach your marketing goals.

Themes and upcoming holidays

Holidays are perfect to set up a special themed campaign around them.  Holidays bring people together, gives us the opportunity to show or affection, love, and care for one another. When we’re still living in turbulent times, it also offers a moment to forget about all the negativity and remind us how lucky we still are to have each other and celebrate these beautiful moments.  Besides the holidays, there are also lots of fun national and international days this season to celebrate the little things in life and are perfect bases to construct your next influencer marketing around!  

Say cheese for The Day of the Smile

But that’s not all, ever heard of Day of the Smile on May 3rd? As a beauty brand, it offers a perfect occasion to create awareness for your latest lip product. Let influencers put on their prettiest smile with your product! Or show how your product can turn a smile on your face by taking in this concept in the message of the campaign.

Celebrate together on Mothers Day and Father’s Day

With Mother’s Day on May 9th just around the corner, and Father’s Day coming up on June 20th lots of brands take the initiative to set up a sweet and whole campaign celebrating mothers and fathers every year. Especially last year, we’ve seen some very creative campaigns come by as the pandemic isn’t over yet. By incorporating aspects of social distancing and stay at home, brands still managed to spread a touching and heartwarming message.

The pandemic hasn’t left us completely, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Even from a distance, there are many ways to surprise our moms and dads and let your target audience know through creators how your product or service can be the perfect gift. Take an example of Dutch jewellery brand Zinzi! They asked creators to create wholesome content for their previous Mothers’ Day Campaign. Some photo's resulted in a great engagement rate, one of the photo's reached an engagement of 14%.

Or think the other way round by collaborating with mommy and daddy creators as they’re the ones who are being surprised. It offers a fun perspective from the average Mother and Father’s day set-ups.

Get ready for The Day of the Music and The day of the Park

Or start a dance challenge on TikTok on May 24th to celebrate Day of the Music! With TikTok being the perfect channel for video content, it’s also the easiest way to target younger audiences, as the average age is around 15-20 years. Set up a unique hashtag trend and ask creators and their followers to participate and celebrate the day that’s all about music.

By the end of May, Day of The Park comes around on the 31st. Of course, it depends on the weather, but this day suits the occasion to enjoy a day well spent in the park Ask creators to style a Day at the Park outfit or let them show their followers what they’ll bring along in their picnic basket, including your newest sirup flavour!

Make use of current events and sentiments

As we all have our big spring clean-ups, you can also use this season to re-inspire and shine a different light on your brand than usual. Let influencers help you create awareness for these refreshments by showing the different uses and emphasise the best qualities to bring them to life. Anticipate the current situation, even if your product is not the most ideal for this season. Market it creatively and innovative, by letting influencers restyle winter accessories or how they can redecorate their garden or balcony for spring parties.

Setting up creative hashtags or themes as a prominent role in your campaign is another way to take advantage of current situations. Take an example of the #Wishyouwerehere campaign by Tommy Hilfiger which aimed to promote its new eyewear collection. They’ve created a whole digital experience for their target audience to take a trip to a tropical island, allowing everyone to go on vacation. They carefully selected 8 influencers that relate to their brand, among them were Marie von Berens and Linda Tol. The campaign resulted in 27,400,000 impressions and the ROI reached over 440%.

Traveling these days is still pretty much out of the picture because of the pandemic, and where we’d normally had gone on city trips and planned our vacations by now, we must wait for the world to open up again. Even though this campaign ran before the covid pandemic, it offers a great example of how you as a brand can make current situations work for your campaign However, even though Tommy Hilfiger’s campaign was set up before 2020, the concept would still work today.

Our advice

For your next campaign, try to build an online community to drive a specific goal or message you want to reach or get out there. Respond to themes of being reunited with your friends and family again, or how to organize the best staycation this season. Thereafter, let influencers and their followers connect with you. The authority, reach and brand affinity of the influencers will help boost the hype and attract your target audiences.

And If your product has its peak moments during the summer, it’s absolutely no harm to start planning the ideas and outlines for it. Organise a brainstorm and set up a strategy so the seeds for your campaign can be planted and bloom into amazing results. Planning is key, especially in the world of influencer marketing. Not only will it help to get better results and improve the quality of the content, but it also allows you to connect and increase the involvement with the creators during the collaboration.  

In case you’re in need of extra help with constructing your campaign, be sure to contact your customer success manager to set up your next campaign!

Layla le Bleu
Layla le Bleu
April 22, 2021