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Successful brand collaborations

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Find the best influencers to tell your brand’s story

For companies

Easily recruit the most relevant micro-influencers to be the face of your brand. We provide you with extensive data insights on target audience, demographic and more, so all you need to do is launch the campaign and sit back.

Choose brands to work with, easily

For influencers

Take your pick from an array of brands that fit your identity and audience. Transparent selection and rewards process makes it easy for you to collaborate on multiple campaigns simultaneously.

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Create your dream-team

Curate your team from our influencer network and shape your brand image across social media platforms.

Create your team

All the creators in our network embrace your goals and want to help you get results. Add influencers to your network based on metrics of the influencers themselves and their following.

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Become an expert in influencer marketing

Master the art of influencer marketing with our training program for teams and managers. From a two hour masterclass to a two-day training course with practical tools and insights, we've got you covered.

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Juliet Moonen
Managing Director, HIP ORGNL
“The Influentials platform ideally facilitates influencer marketing for both growing companies and established brands. Our experience with Influentials has been exceptionally good!”
Jan Roderick
Head of Socials, PostNL
“Influentials is an excellent collaboration partner when setting up and managing influencer campaigns.”
Bobby van der Boor
Marketing, CALEX NL
“Influencer marketing isn’t a job you can do on the side. That’s why Influentials is the perfect tool for us to connect with a lot of different influencers without the hassle!”
Benjamin van der Kloet
Marketing Manager, Innocent
“Influentials created the perfect platform for us to connect our brand with influencers in an efficient, service-minded and performance based way.”