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Build long-lasting connections with influencers

Reach out directly with influencers that match your brand. Use our new Connections feature to establish your own network of trusted influencers even before you publish a campaign in our marketplace.


Find the best influencers to tell your brand’s story

Easily recruit the most relevant influencers to be the face of your brand. Browse our 15000+ strong network of influencers, and see who you think fits your brand ethos.

Connect with influencers instantly

First impressions matter. Send Connection requests to influencers, and once they accept, you can get chatting with them instantly. Build a real relationship with them through honest and transparent communication.

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Build your own network of influencers

Connect with influencers and chat with them about collaborative possibilities even before you publish a campaign with us. Recruit influencers to be the face of your brand even outside the avenues of influencer marketing.

Frequently asked questions

What are service fees?

Payments on the Influentials platform are even easier than ever! We've automated the payout process of content creators after the collaborations; this means you don't have to worry about paying out influencers on time and handling their invoices. For this service, we've set up a transaction fee.
The service fee we take into account for taking care of the payments depends on your subscription type. You can see an overview of the three different subscriptions and their service fees on our pricing page.
If you have any questions about service fee's, please contact us at

Do influencers have to pay to use Influentials?

Using the Influentials platform for influencers is completely free. Just sign up as an influencer here and start collaborating with companies of your choice straight away.

How do influencer rewards work?

When you want to set up an influencer marketing campaign as a brand, it is important to consider the reward for the content creators you will work with. More than 74% of consumers rely on social media inspiration before making a purchase. Influencers play an important role in this. Influencers can help you achieve your goals in many ways. Which type of campaign best fits your strategy?
Product campaigns
With product campaigns, we mean campaigns in which you provide the influencers with the product or service dedicated to the campaign, also called barter + campaign. For example, consider a campaign to introduce a new lipstick line that you send influencers to try out, which they can then keep.
Financial campaigns
With paid campaigns, influencers also receive financial compensation and the story that can be told. For example, look at a campaign for a yoghurt brand, where the influencers were reimbursed €100 in exchange for content in which the yoghurt was consumed. Or a combination of both the product such as a pair of shoes and €175 compensation.
If you have any questions about setting up a campaign, please contact our customer success managers at

Which payment methods do you support?

At Influentials, we strive to optimise the platform to the needs of our customers to increase user-friendliness and convenience. Since November 2020, Influentials has a brand new feature: Payments! From now on, users can easily pay influencers after completing a collaboration within the platform itself. Our platform works with an on-platform wallet which can easily be topped up with funds via the following payment methods:
Pay by VISA
When you pay with VISA, you have to link a card. You can link as many cards to your account as you want. Payment with VISA is very simple. Select the card of your choice and then click on confirm.
Pay by iDeal
Paying with iDeal works as you are always used to. It would be best if you filled in the name of the cardholder. Then select the bank of your choice, and you will automatically be redirected to the payment method of your bank.
Pay by invoice
We also offer the option to pay by invoice (only on request). If you need this, please kindly ask to contact your account manager at

What does a dedicated account manager do?

In all the subscription forms Influentials offer customers, you get the support of our experts from the customer success team. Influentials customer success team receives a five-star rating for helping brands and creators with all their questions.
A dedicated manager is different from our usual support. Our dedicated manager is more engaged in your influencer marketing strategy. They will brainstorm with you about opportunities and creative campaigns that will set you apart from your competitors. Next to this, they will help you set up a clean and promising campaign, make a pre-selection, and communicate with the creators. After the campaign, you will receive an invite to review the results together.
Would you like to know more about our premium subscription with a dedicated manager, feel free to schedule a demo.

What is the marketplace?

Our unique marketplace solution makes it easy and transparent for Brands and Creators to find each other for specific collaborations. We turn around supply and demand to save time so money to find your perfect match.
Brands can post their campaigns on the marketplace. In the campaign, you let creators know your goal, what creators you are looking for and what they get in reward. All creators who fit your requirements and criteria, think about social channels, categories, following, engagement and location, can apply for your campaign.
Within 24 hours, brands can start selecting creators with who they would like to work. To learn more about our solution for managing influencer marketing campaigns, please schedule a demo.

What do I see in influencer performance insights?

The influencer performance insights are a major upside for everyone who needs to match their brands with creators. Of course, the creators need to fit your brand from the outside, but what about the inside
Influencer performance insights give you ook look behind the scenes into the audience data and demographics of Instagram en TikTok accounts of creators. Of the past six months, you see their engagement, growth, average likes, followers credibility and much more.
The insights are very useful for creators to manage their growth and get to know their followers a little better than they already do. Would you know more about this? Feel free to schedule a demo!

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Kim Gresnigt
“Thanks to Influentials, I have entered into super fun collaborations with brands and can grow my network even more. The Influentials team is always there for you.”
Miranda Nieuwland
Social & PR Manager, L'Oréal
“Influentials is a great tool to connect with relevant and upcoming influencers. The tool makes it easy for us to collect beautiful content and have guaranteed reach with our campaign.”
Rianne Poelstra
Account Assistant, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
“Working with Influentials means working with ambassadors! Because of their marketplace model, you can be sure that influencers are enthusiastic about the campaign.”
Djamila Abdalla
“Good communication, a great system where you can easily find your way! There are often nice brands with cool collaborations.”

Connect with your favourite influencers right away

Reach out directly with influencers that match your brand. Use our new Connections feature to establish your own network of trusted influencers.